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Writing My Letters was born out of the mass confusion of social media. It doesn't take long to realize that the senseless rhetoric on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the likes may reach millions of people but as an individual your desire to be heard is lost in the millions.

lettersMost SM is actually a one-way communication, the important people that you want to reach never read the comments because every post is met by a barrage of idiot comments and profanity from the other side.

These snippets below are from http://boards.straightdope.com

Very few people write their senators or congressman, so when they do get a letter, they usually assume that there are hundreds more folks out there who feel the same way who just haven't been motivated enough to write. If yours is the only letter they get on the importance of foreign languages, they probably won't pay much attention to it, but if they get several letters, they'll know that this is an important issue.


When I lived in Charlotte, a friend of mine wrote Senator Helms a letter requesting that he, an anesthesiologist, be allowed to have a flashing red light in his car like ambulances have because he often had trouble getting through city traffic to an emergency. Helms not only wrote him back, but contacted his representative in state government and discussed the issue with him.

Long story short — a few months later, NC passed a law allowing anesthetists and anesthesiologist to have the ambulance-type lights on their cars, either on the roof or on the dashboard.

If you are serious, get some friends to write letters with you. Try to make them personal. I would doubt your Senator has a canned letter on this so you are more likely to get a real response.

From Neptunian Slug on boards.strightdope.com

To be honest, before I went to a Senator who has a larger constituency to deal with, I would deal with your member of the House. You can probably get five minutes of their time, next time they are in the district.

More than anything else, have an actual solution. So you think its important to learn foreign languages. What do you want them to do about it? Invest more money in foreign language teachers? Give an earmark to your School District for foreign language learning tools? Amend No Child Left Behind to require more foreign language education? Pass a resolution stressing foreign language education?

Yes, they will listen to you if you come to them intelligently with actual ideas and more than just yourself.