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Current Events

  • Immigration Letters

    When people start choosing which laws they will obey & which laws they ignore it leads to anarchy

  • Tax Cuts -

    Read President Trump's Tax Cut Proposal.
    The liars expect readers are inept in Math.

  • NFL Sponsor Protest

    The NFL & sponcers have blood on their hands. The police, vilified and facing a hostile public, were unable to do their jobs, leaving criminals to run amok, called the Ferguson effect (NYT).

  • Fake News & Accountability

    It is clear that reporters and publishers pushing lies and propaganda have decieved & influanced citizens. Hilter got control of Germany the same way. Sounds radical? It true and it is scary!

  • Build the Wall

    Want razor wire, seismic sensors and increased bordor patrol? We deserve to be safe! America is a joke all accross Europe, "want into America, go to Mexico and sneek in they don't enforce their laws."

  • Obamacare

    Obamacare increased the cost for everyone. It is a lie that people will lose their medical insurance, it is a lie that goverment can run healthcare as good as an open capitalist market. Ask a Canadian about getting a needed operation!

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